Driving Without Insurance Can Ruin Your Life Forever!

Driving without insurance doesn't just come up when a police officer pulls you over for speeding and utters the famous words, "license, registration, and insurance." It rears it's head when you have suddenly been involved in an accident.

By choosing to drive without car insurance, you are risking losing your driver's license FOREVER.

Here's why . . .


FHP Crash Reports Now Available Online

Alert: New Car Accident Scam in Florida

Why is that a big deal, you ask? Well, in the "old" days, you used to have to drive to your local FHP office and wait before picking one up.  Now, you can click the link below, pay $16.00 and voila!

Link For FHP Report

I have just become aware of a new scam being perpetrated on people who are involved in an accident with another vehicle and felt compelled to pass it along.

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Quite often, clients come into our office AFTER making a decision and ask what they should have done.  Obviously, this is the wrong time to ask for help because the decision has already been made. 

Please know, we are here to help you with ANY legal problem you may have.  Don't wait until it's too late to ask for help.  CLICK HERE to email us with your questions BEFORE you make a decision that can't be undone)




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