Ever Wonder How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record?

There seems to be a misunderstanding about how long a traffic ticket stays on a driving record.  Is it 3 years?  10 years?  Forever? 

Knowing how long a ticket can stay on your record is critically important when you are deciding whether you should fight it or pay it.

So I ask you, "Do you know how long a speeding ticket stays on your record?"

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The Single Worst Thing You Can Do If You Get a Ticket Is . . .

Do You Really Know How Points Will Affect Your Insurance?

When people ask me if they should just pay a traffic ticket or fight it, they have no idea what a pandora's box they have just opened.

I actually love getting that question because it allows me to explain all the benefits of fighting a ticket vs. paying a traffic ticket.

So what are the benefits?


Believe it or not, having points on your license can increase your insurance by over 50% while those points remain on your license.

That's crazy when you think about it.

If your normal insurance premium is $1,000, having points on your license can cause you to pay $1,500 instead.


Have Any Non Traffic Ticket Related Legal Problems?

If you have a legal problem and are not sure who to call, please call us.  You might be surprised to know that Unger & Kowitt handles more than just tickets. 

But even if we can't help you, we promise to find an attorney that will treat you right.  Don't just hire someone out of the yellow pages.  Let us help you find the best attorney for your legal problem. 

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